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Clearview Treatment Programs and Clearview Women's Center present Charlie Swenson, M.D.

Being Dialectical in DBT:
Commitment, Targeting, and Validation Done Dialectically

Co-sponsored with Behavioral Tech, LLC
6.25 CEUs available for MFTs, LCSWs, and psychologists.

Friday, July 27, 2012
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Networking lunch included.

Deacon Compean Hall
2475 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice Beach (Los Angeles), CA 90291

Admission: $150. Discounts are available for interns and groups of three or more. Space is limited, and only paid reservations will be honored.

Please register online at
or by calling (310) 862-8980, ext 109

Charles Swenson, M.D., will teach participants how a dialectical world-view informs specific DBT treatment strategies. This workshop will clarify what is meant by "dialectical" in DBT using lecture, case examples, and role-playing demonstrations. Participants will be taught how to utilize three standard DBT strategies dialectically: prioritizing treatment targets, getting commitment to the treatment, and validating the client. This training is appropriate for clinicians with a range of experience in DBT and CBT. Dr. Swenson is a widely published author on DBT, and an internationally recognized DBT trainer and expert in DBT implementation.

Dr. Mary Zanarini is the recipient of the 2012 Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Severe Personality Disorders.

The award was presented at the American Psychiatric Association's annual conference in Philadelphia by the Borderline Personality Disorders Resource Center.

For more information about Dr. Zanarini, please click here.

We are excited to be able to offer "Back from the Edge" on the NYP YouTube channel at this link:

Please note that we will continue to sell copies of the DVD for personal use. Click here to order:

The Twice-Victimized of Sexual Assualt

By Jane E. Brody
Personal Health Columnist
The New York Times

Larry Siever, MD Receives Award for Distinguished Achievement

Larry Siever, M.D. is being awarded the sixth annual Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Severe Personality Disorders by the Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Resource Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital- Westchester Division. Click HERE to read more

Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. Honored by BPDRC

Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. is the recipient of the Fifth Annual Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Severe Personality Disorders. Dr. Linehan was honored by the BPDRC on May 23rd at a dinner held during the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Click HERE to read more

Visit a Blog from a Borderline Personality Disorder Expert!

Eric A. Fertuck PhD, has a blog on Psychology Today's website dedicated solely to Borderline Personality Disorder. To learn more, Click HERE.


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